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We have prepared multi-course meals that feel the season of Japanese food.Please enjoy the Kaiseki cuisine set that each dish, Japanese chef, Chief Chef Matsumoto and three craftsmen worked hard

Enjoy with your eyes and enjoy with your tongue

【Information for dinner】
・OPEN 17:30
・CLOSE 21:00(Last entry 19:30/LO.20: 30)

【Dinner venue】
Restaurant Beriore

【About allergies】
This facility supports specific 7 items of allergy
We cook allergic foods with the utmost care, but we use the same kitchen and utensils as the dishes that contain allergens.
The equipment used is thoroughly washed, but allergens may adhere or mix due to traces of residue caused by scratches.
Please understand in advance

【Vegetarian food】
We will do our best to accommodate you.Please contact me
  • 【Standard】Seasonal Kaiseki set meal

    We have prepared multi-course meals that feel the season of Japanese cuisine.
    The kaiseki meal set by the chief chef, Matsumoto!

    All 10 items such as pre-prepared, bowl, pottery, tableware
    The main item is Shihoro Beef.
    *Since the contents change depending on the season, we do not accept the specification of the object again.

    *Customers using the old building will have fewer items
    *Children's set costs 2 less than adult dishes, the same tableware
  • 【Rank UP】Shihoro Beef various plan

    • 【Shihoro beef loin kaiseki set meal】10 items
      The part of the seasonal Kaiseki set meal is usually thigh meat, but in this plan, the loin meat is ranked higher.

      Enjoy the fine meat quality and soft flavor peculiar to beef loin!
    • 【3 types of Shihoro beefs tasting set meal】11 items
      It is a plan you can taste each of the three main Shihoro Beef Round, loin, and fillet.
      Enjoy the moist texture of beef peach,
      Enjoy the unique meat quality and sweetness of beef loin,
      Beef fillet enjoys the softest meat quality and the original taste and flavor of fine meat with no fat or muscle.
    • 【Shihoro beef fillet kaiseki set meal】11 items
      The main feature is"Shihoro beef fillet"
      You can enjoy the original taste and flavor of meat with the softest meat and fine fat and no muscle.
      Unlike the parts of sirloin and loin, lean meat fins are high in protein and low in fat, so they are low in calories and very healthy!
      The tenderness of the rare part is soft and has a delicious taste! You can taste red meat as you chew!
      You can enjoy the juicy taste of meat if you don't overbake too much!
  • 【Breakfast】Information for breakfast

    It is a Japanese-Western buffet style at the restaurant or a set meal.
    ・Salad using the body rejoice healthy Tokachi Beans Ryokufu specialties
    ・From Honbetsu handmade natto
    ・Sarabetsu- From Sarabetsu toroto yam
    ・Ryokufu specialty handmade "Shihoro flavored ground beef" etc.

    Tokachi a body-friendly breakfast with plenty of Tokachi ingredients

    ・OPEN 7:00
    ・CLOSE 9:00

    Buffet Breakfast"Restaurant Beriore"

    *Currently, as a countermeasure for corona, we are preparing in individual plates.Please take each plate
    *If the number of people staying is small, it will be prepared as a private set