Satoyama hot spring inn where you can heal with the blessing of Tokachi, a treasure trove of botanical mall springs and food that are rare in the world.

【Official】Japanese Auberge Plaza Ryokufu Natural Hot Spring

Forest, hot water, starry sky, food, and a blissful time to satisfy your five senses right now

Welcome to Japanese Auberge Plaza Ryokufu Natural Hot Spring Official
A peaceful and quiet mountain village "Shimooribe" district Shihoro Town
The clear stream "Oribe River" that carries the water of life has nurtured the eternal land for tens of thousands of years in the ancient forest where the untouched natural broad-leaved forest remains as it is.
From that area, the ancient fountain "Moor-no-yu" that springs generously
Japanese Auberge Plaza Ryokufu Natural Hot Spring" runs while thanking the forest, hot water, and the blessings of the earth.

Best rate declaration

  • Official website is the best deal if you can make online reservations at any time!

    【Benefit 1】
    ●If you apply for 10,000 yen or more per room, you will receive a "1,000 yen worth of in-facility ticket" for each night in each room!
    ●Valid until check-out date
    ●No change, no cash exchange
    ●Cannot be used for accommodation expenses
    *The amount allocated to the room at the restaurant or shop can be applied at the time of check-out payment

    【Benefit 2】
    ●Usually check out at 10am → You can change to check-out at 11:00 for free!
    ●Check-in at 15:00  → Free change to check-in at 14:00!

    【Benefit 3】
    If you apply for 8,000 yen or more per room, you will receive a sparkling wine at dinner for each person!

Natural Hot Springs★Hokkaido heritage certification:Flowing from the mall hot spring

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Hotel Facilities

  • Entrance & Lobby

    The homely atmosphere remembers nostalgia similar to hometown

    Rather than "Welcome""Welcome home… "
    I try to welcome everyone with such a peaceful feeling.

    We want to be another home for you, where you can truly relax and relax.
  • Restaurant"Beriore"

    We have an abundant selection of sukiyaki set meals using Shihoro Beef, standard set meals, rice bowls, mackerels, etc.
    There is also a great pack price that comes with hot spring bathing and lunch!
    "Shihoro Beef Sukiyaki Set Meal& day trip hot spring set" @ 1700
    "Shihoro Beef stone plate grilled set meal & one-day hot spring set" @ 1700
    "980 yen lunch set meal & day trip hot spring set" @1200

    In the evening, it is a dinner venue for guests only.
    If you would like to have dinner with the hotel guests (from 6000 yen), please make a reservation in advance.

    *If you would like to have dinner for a sudden overnight stay, please use the light meal corner*
  • Snack corner

    We sell bowls, mackerel, curry, and à la carte.

    【Light meal menu】
    <Ramen noodles>Miso ramen, soy sauce ramen, salt ramen @ 730 each
    <Soba noodles>Tempura soba, edible wild plants soba, kashiwa soba, zaru soba @ 610
    <Udon>Tempura udon, edible wild plants udon, yaki udon, zaru udon each @ 610
    <Rice stuff>Gomoku fried rice @ 610, Chinese bowl @ 780
    <curry>Beef curry @ 650, hamburger curry @ 800, cutlet curry @ 850

    【À la carte menu】
    Squid legs @ 380, sausage @ 430, tatsutaage @ 450, boneless wings @ 460, eda beans @ 330

    Soft serve ice cream @ 400, mini soft serve ice cream @ 300, waffle sundae @ 450, fried rice cake @ 280

    Sapporo classic draft beer @ 600, the beginning of the trip beer @ 790, one cup Ozeki @ 250, each craft beer @ 660
    *You can also take out
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Hotel Name

Japanese Auberge Plaza Ryokufu Natural Hot Spring


134 Shimooribe Nishi 2-sen, Shihoro Town, Kato County, Hokkaido Prefecture

Telephone number



50 minutes by car from JR Obihiro Station.Doto Expressway Obihiro Otofuke IC via National Route 241 → Approx. 30 minutes on Hokkaido Prefectural Route 134

Free transfer available(Reservation required at least 3 days in advance)
We will pick you up when you get off at Tokachi Bus / Takushoku Bus"Shihoro Machiaijo Area" or "Pia 21 Shihoro", which is about 15 minutes by car from the hotel.If you wish, please let us know your arrival time.
TEL 01564-5-3630(Reception 10:00-20:00)
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Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.


10:00 to 20:00(Reservation reception front desk hours)